February's Art Walk

This past Saturday was Gallery 333 February's Art Walk. Despite the cold weather, we had a nice crowd throughout the night and a lot of interest in the art. 

Jacob and his friend Will played music in the back of the hall for most of the night. I was really loving what they were playing—it had a soothing ambience to it—and they got compliments for the gallery viewers as well. 

My favorite part of the show was Nathan Pietrykowski's exhibit in the front gallery. He created custom paper pieces specifically for the space and placed them in interesting places all around the room. It looked like there were little shadow creature floating and hiding around the space. He used streamers that were hung up from the ceiling to represent the arms of some of the creatures reaching around and going in and out of black holes in the wall. The whole exhibit was like nothing we had ever shown before. 

After Art Walk Jacob and I continued our tradition, now six months strong, of eating at Mel's with our friends. Every time we go I get a bacon cheese burger and a milkshake, and the boys try to prove their abilities by playing with the claw machine. We Face Timed as a group with a girl named Carey who colored a pirate coloring sheet, wrote her number on it, and put it on the wall. Carey seemed to like it since she laughed and waved at us. We followed another tradition and took a forehead selfie (Jacob started this) for our Instagrams. 

A pretty successful evening! I'll keep you guys updated on the next show. :)