National Student Show and Conference 11 & Senior BFA Show


This past week, my design class and I went to Dallas for the 11th annual National Student Show and Conference. This was my second year attending the conference, and I walked away with even more knowledge and resources than the first.

My favorite part of the conference was the Deep Ellum studio tours, in which we visited Matchbox, Reel FX, and Caliber. Visting different studios over the past few years and talking to a range of professionals during the portfolio reviews is really helping to shape where I hope to see myself working soon. From my experiences so far, I feel that I would most enjoy working in a boutique design shop with an open floor plan, while also being open to taking on freelance work on the side. Sometimes just having someone to talk and listen to me while I'm trying to come up with concepts helps to get ideas flowing better for me, and I love being able to turn to my peers for feedback on my work when I feel stuck. The boutique design shops we visited always seemed to have a group of close-knit individuals who worked well together as a group and who each have a range of skills to bring to the team. This is the sort of team environment I want to be a part of and help to build.

Here are a few photos from some of the studio tours:

We got some really great swag from the sponsors, and some fun merchandise from the conference. This years theme was NASA inspired.

When we weren't in the conference, we also had a ton of fun with our group playing around in the hotel, eating out, shopping, and being silly together. Since the girls and the guys split off into separate hotel rooms, we actually had a few rivalry nights. The first of those nights, most of the boys tricked us into a game of extreme hide and seek in the hotel, beginning with a bag of hair left on our door and a note which read "I'm really sry about Cordes. Hears his hair" at 2:30 AM. The second night, our two rooms were in a Dubsmash war (the girls most definitely won thanks to our choreography and fabulous dubbing skills, though).

In more recent news, tonight was my senior BFA show! This was a really big night for me, because it's something I've been working toward for the past two semesters with my senior thesis. Because we had more space for this show than previous years, I was able to display my senior thesis, Click! branding, and a few other projects from previous graphic design classes. 

Overall, tonight was a really great success. When I walked through the doors, I was shocked at the amount of people there looking at all of our work. I had a large group of my family travel two and a half hours to come see my work, family members from town, and so many classmates and friends. I just felt so thankful for all of the support, and it was nice to finally show people I love what I've been working so hard on.

Senior year will be wrapping up pretty soon! Eeeee!