Challenging the Internet's Censorship of Women's Bodies

I wanted to share this fantastic Huff Post article on 15 feminist artists who created work as a response to the internet's censorship of women's bodies. This is exactly the content I've been interested in lately, and these artists do a great job of challenging this censorship. My personal favorite is the first artist, Rupi Kaur, and her "Period." series. You can read the article here (I highly recommend it). 

I've personally had work removed from Instagram (The Figure), which I considered very tame and respectful content compared to some other images I've seen there. This really disturbed me. Rupi Kaur describes this feeling well. It should be more disturbing that "objectification and sexualization is okay. People getting off on naked underage women. Bondage. Torture. Humiliation. Abuse is okay but this makes them uncomfortable. That's what this work is supposed to do. Make you as uncomfortable as you should feel when you watch others get abused and objectified."

Personally, I find it so strange that a topless man is fine to see on Instagram, but not a topless woman, whose body is only sexual because we have sexualized it as a society. Censoring it just makes it seem even dirtier. There is just no need for that.