Brittany's Confidence Rules | Advice

Do you follow people who make you feel lousy? Unfollow. You should use your social media to build a community, find inspiration, and express yourself. You shouldn’t use it as a subtle form of self-harm. You owe it to yourself to keep your feed curated with your best interests in mind

  1. Fake it til you make it! You gotta tell yourself that u a cute lil mamma even if you don’t believe it at first! Put on some Gaga, a cat-eye, and look your gorgeous self in the mirror. Dye your hair pink. Hike up those shorts. UR CUTE HUN. Put on a glamorous clay mask. Laugh at yourself. Watch 8 seasons of drag queens feelin' themselves and let their confidence influence you. The most important voice that you will encounter every day is your own. Train yourself to be compassionate and loving to yourself! You are beautiful.
    OWN IT ✨

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How Design Live Boston | Design Conference and Travel Recap

How Design Live 2018 was by far the largest and most expansive conference I've been to. The four-day event featured talks focused on design, packaging, branding, and marketing, but also topics that go beyond these such as strategy, negotiating techniques, intellectual property theft, and pitching. I was able hear about more subjects than I had been exposed to in a conference setting like this before. I felt myself gaining a deeper understanding of design and marketing throughout the whole experience. 

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Crop Baton Rouge | Design Conference Recap

I had a fantastic time at my second Crop Baton Rouge conference. ✨ Despite Crop being a fairly new and small event, this has been my most rewarding conference experience so far.

Some of my favorite presentations came from local entrepreneur extraordinaire Jordan Hefler, the quirky lettering duo Pandr Design Co., and small business power couple Hellcats Inc. to name a few. It has been so valuable for me to hear from creatives who are open and excited to share not only their experiences, but their strategies around pricing, business growth, and client relationships.

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Victory Festival 2018 | Event Recap

Recently, I had the pleasure of creating the poster art for TownFolk's third annual Victory Festival in addition to leading the art show and silent auction portion of the event. This year's festival theme was "flora and fauna" based on the growth and abundance currently at the garden. It means a lot to me to be able to help sustain the Victory Garden, which was created in Jillian Johnson's honor, through this yearly fundraiser.

The art show and silent auction was full of dozens of donations from local artists and businesses. I'd like to highlight a few of my personal favorite pieces:

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San Francisco | Travel Recap

This October, Rachel and I traveled to San Fransisco to meet up with each other, explore a city to new to both of us, and celebrate Halloween together like we used to in college. Little did I know ahead of time that I planned this trip during Terez and Andrew’s San Francisco honeymoon. I found out just a few weeks before the trip, so we were able to all met up several times throughout our time in the city. I got to see my two best girl friends in a San Francisco for the price of one! 💕

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