Mermaiding | Photostory

I've recently been underwater modeling for my close friend Kara Doney's senior thesis project. I've been having a great time modeling, and I've gotten better at swimming in the process (although I still haven't figured out how not to get water up my nose). Here are a few outtakes she's given me to share:

Kara Doney Photography

Kara Doney Photography

In between shoots for her thesis project, we have also been trying out my GoPro underwater and having some fun with some more playful underwater shoots. Here's one of the first videos we took using my GoPro:

We had a great time getting silly with these photos:

With every shoot, I'm getting more and more comfortable in the water. For this one, I learned that in order to sink down to the bottom, I had to blow out my breath before going under. The biggest thing is not to panic while you're down there.

By the way, here's what the magazine looked like by the time we were done with it:


For Kara's last shoot, I went along to watch even though I wasn't modeling. While observing, I used my GoPro to catch some behind the scenes footage. Naughty Lola is modeling in the video below. She's a total pro: