Milk Bath Female Figure Studies | Feature and Photostory

The following artist statement is from my feature on

These milk bath female figure studies feature three different women with three different body types. The models range from having a very thin frame to being 8 months into pregnancy. These images serve to empower each of the women in them and showcase their individual beauty in a way that makes them feel comfortable and beautiful. These images were not created for the male gaze, but rather for the women themselves. 

By showcasing my models’ partially-unclothed bodies, I am working to de-stigmatize the female nude. To that end, the natural elements in the images (such as fruit, leaves, and flowers) were chosen to complement the natural beauty of the female form. I do not believe that there is anything inherently dirty or wrong about nudity; on the contrary, I believe that it is natural, and that it can be used for empowerment. 

With these pictures, and in my work as a whole, I aim to erase the notion that the female form is for the male gaze. I want to take our bodies back and showcase their differences, their beauty, and their normalcy. I want women to understand that there are so many different kinds of bodies out there and that they shouldn’t feel ashamed about what they have. I want women to use this knowledge to better one another, rather than tear each other down.