Brittany's Confidence Rules | Advice

Do you follow people who make you feel lousy? Unfollow. You should use your social media to build a community, find inspiration, and express yourself. You shouldn’t use it as a subtle form of self-harm. You owe it to yourself to keep your feed curated with your best interests in mind

  1. Fake it til you make it! You gotta tell yourself that u a cute lil mamma even if you don’t believe it at first! Put on some Gaga, a cat-eye, and look your gorgeous self in the mirror. Dye your hair pink. Hike up those shorts. UR CUTE HUN. Put on a glamorous clay mask. Laugh at yourself. Watch 8 seasons of drag queens feelin' themselves and let their confidence influence you. The most important voice that you will encounter every day is your own. Train yourself to be compassionate and loving to yourself! You are beautiful.
    OWN IT ✨

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The House for Halloween in New Orleans | Photostory

Halloween is the most magical time of the year to be in New Orleans. By late October, the weather is finally feeling brisk, houses are decorated spectacularly with skeletons and cobwebs, and an enchanting mood sets over the city. Everything feels just a little more dreamlike.

For a few years, I spent my Halloweens visiting a group of friends in New Orleans in their magnificent Victorian-style home on St. Charles Avenue. The house was lavender-colored with huge ceilings, dazzling chandeliers, black wrought-iron lined balconies, and a ghost who, on occasion, left kisses on the downstairs hallway mirror. It was in this larger-than-life house that some of my favorite memories were made, dancing barefoot throughout the night in the hazy smoke of the fog machine to some of our favorite psychedelic songs.

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The Land of Enchantment | Travel Recap

October has been really active and exciting for me! From October 6th to October 14th I stayed with my best friend Rachel at her home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This was my first experience traveling alone; I'd never even been through an airport before! I was really freaked out on my first flight out of Lafayette (the plane felt tiny to me), but I got myself through it. This trip was a big deal to me as it was gift to myself for working hard throughout college and graduating, so I made sure to make the most of it.

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Zodiac Fashion Show | Photostory

I've recently started working on a few projects with Londri Magazine, a new magazine based in Lafayette, Louisiana that focuses on diversity and female leaders. Their first event was two weeks ago: a zodiac-themed fashion show at the Feed n' Seed. Londri asked me to do creative photography for this event. This is exactly the type of project I really enjoy doing. Several of my friends were in the fashion show, so they made it extra fun for me. I used my film fisheye camera and 35mm film to get shots of the show and some silly selfies during the night. 

Here are some of the best photos from the fashion show:

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