Brittany's Confidence Rules | Advice

Brittany’s rules to feeling cute n confident in front of a camera:

  1. Do you follow people who make you feel lousy? Unfollow. You should use your social media to build a community, find inspiration, and express yourself. You shouldn’t use it as a subtle form of self-harm. You owe it to yourself to keep your feed curated with your best interests in mind

  2. Fake it til you make it! You gotta tell yourself that u a cute lil mamma even if you don’t believe it at first! Put on some Gaga, a cat-eye, and look your gorgeous self in the mirror. Dye your hair pink. Hike up those shorts. YOU ARE CUTE. Put on a glamorous clay mask. Laugh at yourself. Watch 8 seasons of drag queens feelin' themselves and let their confidence influence you. The most important voice that you will encounter every day is your own. Train yourself to be compassionate and loving to yourself! You are beautiful.
    OWN IT ✨

  3. Do you have a lewk that makes you feel cute as hell? Lean into that and wear what makes you feel your most powerful. WERK 👏

  4. Notice your habits. Do you find yourself judging others by their appearance? You have gotta stop that nasty tendency. We need to use our energy to lift each other up, not tear each other down. Thinking this way, constantly judging others for superficial reasons, will inevitably make us feel judged ourselves. This is a form of projection. Put an end to it. Reframe those thoughts: when you find yourself mentally tearing down a peer’s appearance, find something that you enjoy about the way they are expressing themselves instead. And let them know! Giving out genuine compliments will go a long way for your mindset! Practicing this positive way of thinking will change the way you see the world and others

These are just a few things I’ve learned and have been practicing in my own life since high school. I’ll admit this is not a perfect formula for feeling your best 100% of the time. I know that personally I could be more diligent on weekday mornings and spend more time with myself to feel great about the day I’m about to embark on. There are still areas for personal growth that I am determined to work on, and there is an infinite amount of room for me to grow. But for me, implementing these rules in my everyday life has helped me greatly when it comes to feeling self-conscious. 💕