I am a creative photographer, graphic designer, curator, and events coordinator in Cajun capital Lafayette, Louisiana.

Through my work, I aim to empower women to see, feel, and acknowledge their beauty and power. I seek to cultivate friendships and meaningful dialog through the work I create
and the community and share it with.

In addition to creating my art, I also currently volunteer
as a board member for the LaPlace neighborhood non-profit TownFolk and as a curator of Gallery 333, an art gallery that I founded with my partner Jacob Danos. I am passionate about building and sustaining a sense of community art, design,
and activism.

When I'm not creating or volunteering, you can find me
watching RuPaul's Drag Race, laughing with my closest girl friends, applying my latest face mask, or playing peek-a-boo
with my kitty girls Mabelline and Jimi Paige.

 Photo by  Brittney McZeal